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The New Project HGe 4/4 I in 1:5 on 7 1/4 scale

we proceed fast also with the bodywork, everything is laser cut, soon we will see the model in workmanship!

you can get the model in 7 1/4 scale

contact us without obligation :

The locomotive HGe 4/4 in scale 1:5,5 is equipped, in the 24V accumulator version, with 4 industrial 500W motors with reduction gear on the axle, transmission ratio of 7,5 for a total tangential pull of 293,3 Kg. This means that on the flat you can pull a train weighing about 8800 kg, including the locomotive.

I add that the speed developed with this ratio is 12,51 Km/hour, corresponding to 68,8 real.



HGe 4/4 Balconlock num 33 scale 1:5 gauge 7 1/4
pieces have been retired from laser cutting
now we start to compose the model.
we are excited!
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born from a new project the classic of Switzerland

it is HGe 4/4 Furka Oberalp Balconlock designed entirely from scratch.

Laser cut metal chassis and bodywork, roof and accessory parts in 3D ABS printing, electronically controlled motorization system.

a powerful locomotive capable of pulling your passengers!

contact me for a quote without obligation, we will be happy to offer a discount for an advance purchase.

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each axle is motorised with a 500W reduction gear motorhere are some previews! TOTAL 2000W POWER!!!

R 212 FS IN 5" AND 7 1/4 "

a new model is being born in the house Gicomodel, we speak of the R 212 FS, The FS R.212 railcars are narrow gauge traction vehicles that have served in Sicily on the line Castelvetrano-Porto Empedocle.

will now be available for your tracks in 5 inches and 7 1/4 inches.

write to email for a quote


laser cut steel frame, professional 3d printed body, 24 volts and 500 watts motor


led lights


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"Ercolino"  -  Ferrovie della Sardegna


a nice 7 1/4 inch scale model


realized in collaboration with Maestro Giorgio Bandinu


model under construction that will be realized with the prospect of producing simplified mounting kits


bookable model with an advantageous offer


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TEE Gottardo in 7 1/4

realized in support of Maestro Giorgio Bandinu

Tm 2/2 in 7  1/4

laser cut steel structure and frame

bodywork and details in ABD 3D printing suitable for outdoor use

design and realization by Sergio Giordano